A New Methodology

HOP CONTROL integrates over 10 years of research and the results obtained from collaboration with Birrificio Dada. With HOP CONTROL it is possible to immediately identidy the direction to take in order to optimize hopping, reducing the trials and their related costs. It is possible to leverage HOP CONTROL to achieve the same aromatic profile as a base recipe but by using less expensive hops or those that are more readily available on the market.


Hop Control Partners

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Control your hop additions

Enhance the efficiency and precision of beer creation with desired aromatic qualities, thanks to an advanced algorithm and an extensive database.


Hop Control Icons

HOP CONTROL performs a composition of the entered individual hop varieties, taking into account the effects related to boiling time or any Dry Hopping. The main output is the radar diagram, which provides the final beer aroma profile related to hops.



A detailed database with over 250 hop varieties and continuously evolving. Thanks to the collaboration with Italian Hops Company, the introduction of Italian native varieties will be soon available.


The Most Powerful Tool For Complete Hop Control.

Innovation on your beer

A sophisticated algorithm, rooted in recent studies on the technical literature. A solid calibration, in cooperation with Birrificio Dada. A huge database with over 250 hop varieties.


The Professional Tool for Complete Hop Control.


Save Time and Money

HOP CONTROL will let you save time and get your desidered hop aroma with speed and precision.


You will get very easily and quickly the expected hop aroma result for your recipe, saving time and money.


Software Overview

A quick introduction to HOP CONTROL.

Hop Aroma Result

See how the Software works.

Hop Cards

The Database and the Comparison Tool.


Enrico Mollica

Aeronautic engineer and manager of a team specialized in numerical simulations in the automotive field.
Consultant for breweries on hopping techniques and author for the Giornale della Birra.
After numerous years dedicated to the study of the aromatic qualities of hops, taking advantage of his experience in the creation of mathematical models, in 2023 he created the algorithm on which the HOP CONTROL software is based.


Giulio Mollica

Software engineer and developer with a passion for creating custom, handcrafted solutions. Specializing in the design of apps, websites, e-commerce and management systems, his methodology stands out for the creation of customized libraries from scratch. His strength lies in the ability to provide unique, flexible solutions suited to the specific needs of each project, offering a tailor-made development experience that is characterized by quality craftsmanship and technical precision.


Birrificio Dada

Since 2010 Dada has always been there, Dada is a spirit, a way of being, living, working!
Dada is also an artisanal laboratory for the production and sale of beer.
With great beers, as we know, comes great responsibility And we at Dada rolled up our sleeves and made our way into the world of Italian microbreweries and started collaborations, studied new beers for you, to exalt your palates, but above all we made friendships made to last which gave life to beers highly appreciated by our customers. Dada is this tomorrow we don't know, Dada has no preconceptions, Dada is disruption,


The experience of Birrificio Dada

Birrificio Dada applied HOP CONTROL to optimize Knock-out (American Amber Ale), Youth Attack (American IPA), Khaalesi (Wheat IPA), and Krakken (Double IPA).
For all the beers, there was a significant improvement in aroma balance and a finer quality of bitterness observed.

The tool for complete HOP CONTROL is now available!